My Book Offline

Recently, My Book’s back up plan started to fail, for unknown reasons. I decided, since my current file content and structure was in a good place, to delete my current backups and narrow down my back up plan, targeting only those files critically important to me. When I attempted to “back up now” I was informed “Unable to back up files to My Book. Please make sure My Book is connected and accessible.”

I am able to see the drive in Windows Explorer as well as Disk Management are of Windows. So I decided I would perform a “Secure Erase” and then reformatted the drive and start from scratch. I successfully reformatted the drive, but it is still “Offline” and unable to be written to.

Can anyone offer direction as to the best next steps to resolve the issue. I attempted to search the forums for a similar discussion thread but didn’t find anything.
Thanks in advance.!