My Book not working, fast blinking light

Excuse my lame English …

My Book, 1T, 8/9 years working fine. Two weeks ago it began to be “re-dettected” during operation time.
3 days ago it stopped working. Does not appear at the windows explorer, the front light keeps blinking fast and there’s a very low “tic tic tic” noise.

Any information about this kind of trouble will be very important to me. At the WD site I got this :

Device events - Fast flashing (every half second) - My Book system event, action required



How is the drive showing under disk management?


It was not showing at all.
But a few hours ago I tried again and now is running smooth. A Carnival miracle (I’m from Brazil).
Now I’m doing a back-up, because the unit seems to be close to it’s final days.

I really thank you, my brother. If you could help me just one more time, tell me how can I erase the topic, because it’s not useful for anybody.