My Book not recognised

My My Book 1tb external hard drive has been working fine. However, I recently went on holiday and therefore powered everything down and disconnected the hard drive so that I could put it in a safe while we were away.

I am now back and have reconnected everything, however:

  • I can hear the hard drive whirring and it gradually heats up, but the LED at the front does not light up
  • I have tried connecting the hard drive to my iMac by firewire and USB but it is not recognised (I am using the same computer which previously recognised the hard drive just fine)
  • I have tried restarting the computer and have also left the computer connected to the hard drive for a couple of hours as I have read of issues with Macs and WD hard drives which mean it can take the Mac some time to recognise the hard drive (i.e. answer id 505) - this has not helped.
  • the power button at the back of the hard drive does not work anymore. I have tried turning the hard drive on and off by disconnecting the power, but this also does not help.
  • I have tried answer id 1548, but I can’t actually power down the drive because the power button is not working.

Can you please let me know what is wrong with the hard drive?

I’m now having the exact same problem, downloaded drives again, but they’re nowhere to be found n my iMac - what gives? Would be extremely helpful with any help on this.

“solution to similar problem”