My Book not recognised by WD TV Live

I have a 3tb My Book which when connected to the PC works fine

When connected to WD TV Live through either USB port, the drive is not seen by WD TV Live

A 300GB drive connected via either USB port works fine

Is there a known issue here?

I read on the forum somewhere (LE: here) that it may not be recommended to use devices over 2 TB with WDTV Play, you may lose the data on them if partitioned incorrectly. Also see other replies here , here and here. If you search the forum I’m sure you’ll find other similar replies.

For reference:

Almost all drives 3TB and larger are shipped formated as “GUID Partition Table” (GPT) instead of MBR (Master Boot Record).

It’s required if you want partitions larger than 2TB. 

 WD and Seagate both also employ a trick called “Advanced Formatting” which changes the block allocation on the drive and then allows MBR to have larger partitions.

If your TV supports multi-partition drives, you MIGHT be able to re-partition the drive as MBR.

Here’s a pretty good description of both:

Thanks Patrick_wdp

Was afraid the 3tb was going to be a limitation.

Will revert back to the 90’s and do a partition of 1,5 and 1,5