My Book not mounting to my MacBook Pro

Please help. I have a 8TB My Book that I have been using exclusively on my MacBook Pro to back up and store video projects I have created for my videography business from various events. I transferred files from my DSLR memory card to the My Book approx 1.5-2 week’s ago. When I went to look at the files on the external HD it would not show up on my desktop. I ran Disk Utilities on my MBP and it shows it but it is greyed out as seen in attached pictures.

I cannot get it to mount at all. Can anyone help me gain access to my files on the My Book?


What file-system your MyBook WD had before unmounting? Did you run First-Aid on your external WD? If the partition map of the drive is damaged then the Disk Utility First - Aid will let you know. You can resolve the ‘logical corruption’ of your drive by reformatting it with Mac OS Journaled however you will lose the data. Do you have it’s backup with you? For data recovery on unmounted disks read this article

Hey Donald I had it formatted as exFAT. I ended up getting it to mount and work by plugging it into a Windows laptop and allowing the system to fix and repair the drive, prior to that I was able to see all of my files on the Windows computer so I knew it wasn’t a serious issue. Once windows finished up fixing and repairing the drive, I plugged it into my MacBook Pro and it started working again. This MyBook is very sensitive to being ejected incorrectly, or at least it is for MacBooks as I suspect it all went bad when I bumped the cable out being clumsy (although at the time that it happened the drive was not actively being used, just plugged in).

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HI, what program did you use for the PC

Hey Andy, I didn’t use a specific program. When I plugged in the Hard Drive to my PC, Windows automatically recognized it and suggested that I scan and repair it to fix whatever the issue was. It took about 30-45 min. Once that was done I was able to plug it into my MacBook Pro and it started working like normal again.