My book not detected after my passport connected


I have 2 WD external drives :

  1. My Book Premium Edition 500 GB
  2. My Passport 1 TB

On the computer A, My Book is no detected after connecting My Passport

On the computer B, My Book works perfectly. My Passport has never been connected

On the compouter C, I connect My Book, it works, I disconnect it. And then, I connect My Passport, it works, I disconnect It. And then, I connect My Book again, It’s no longer detected

I uninstalled the software WD Unlocker supplied with My Passport but It doesn’t resolve anything

What can I do to resolve this ?

I hope my english is not too bad

thanks for your help,


Try connecting both drive in computer a, then check drive status under disk management.

To go to disk management click start button/right click my computer/click manage/click disk management