My Book Mirror frequently stays active - prevents system shut down

I own three identical My Book Mirror 2TB drives.

When the drives are not in use, two of them always go into a mode where the blue light goes into a very slow blink.  I assume this is the correct behaviour.

The third drive’s light frequently continues to ‘chase’ back and forth as though the drive was very ‘active’.

If I try to shut down the computer (Windows 7) after having used the third drive, often the lights on it never stop chasing.  The computer gets stuck on the “Shutting down…” screen which is usually caused by a program or service failing to exit.     The computer won’t shut down until either the power is cut to the computer, the power button is held down, or the drive is forcibly disconnected.  This usually results in a corrupt file system on the drive, and the next time it is used will not allow writing or modifying files until chkdsk is used to fix the drive.  

Luckily it does not lose files, but it is incredibly inconvenient to have to get up, disconnect things manually, and then later keep running chkdsk.

I have reformatted the drive using the WD drive manager several times.  It’s a painful process because the drive is 80% full and I have to crack out some old external drives, and two laptops, and play musical chairs with all the data.  The Raid manager also doesn’t allow you to simply redo the RAID1, you have to switch it to RAID0 first, and then do RAID1.

I’d rather not go through the trouble of RMA and if there is anything I can do to remedy the problem I would like to give it a shot.