My Book Mirror Edition Not Seeing 4 TB Only Seeing 2 TB

I’ve had this My Book Mirror Edition 2 TB for about 6 months. So I decided to Upgrade the 2 1TB Hard drives that where in them. So I went for the Western Digital WD20EARS 2TB Hard Drive SATAII 64MB Cache - OEM Caviar Green. But Every Time I Use Western Digitals WD Drive Manager. It only recognize 1678.03 GB . Then when I change it to Raid 1 it half’s it 839.02GB But when i go back to the program it states that I can put it back to Raid 0 at The full 4 TB i Want …but when I do that it just goes back to 1678.03. Can Any Body Help me with this problem ?

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I dont think this is going to work. When the mirror was released the largest size drive on the market was 1tb. Unless there has been an update for the device for it to be able to recognize larger drives (pretty sure there hasn’t been) the enclosure will have no idea what to do with a drive that size?