My Book Mac Edition disconnecting


I’m facing an issue with my external drive My Book 2Tb.

For a few days only, around 15 to 20 seconds after I plug my hard drive into my macbook a message is displayed “the hard drive has not been disconnected safely” (or something like that), and the my book disappears from the finder. Just like if I had removed the USB connector without unmounting the device. I tried also on my iMac, same issue.

However, if during those 20 seconds I manage to launch a movie which is on the hard drive, everything goes fine and it stays connected until I stop any activity.

I’m not sure why suddenly it behaves this way whereas it worked fine for months now.

Is anyone having this issue or knows what is happening ?

Thx (and sorry for my poor english)

You can try connecting the drive with a different USB cable and into a different USB port. Also, I recommend that you test this device in your Mac computer. Click on the link below for more information:!&p_li=&p_topview=1