My Book Login

I have a My Book World Edit 2T setup as raid 1. I am having connectivity issues with it. Sometimes I can access files and then it hangs. I need to get the files off somehow. I am trying to access the storage manager and I believe I have correct login info. it seems like it will connect but just goes back to login page with “” in the address bar. I have tried reset to default login and that doesn’t work. I access Twonky Media server portion at “

I only can see the drive sometimes and when I do try to access it it freezes up. I can’t login in to the interface either and have tried to reset password to and it does not take. I got to interface once briefly and it also froze. I think drive A may be bad but can’t confirm yet, it also get hot. I need to access long enough to get some files off unit.

Question #1 can I put the drive in a dock and access? From what I read is no because the are WD encrypted.
Question #2 can I swap drive B with A in unit and access the files or is there another way to access drive B?

Hi there,

To answer your first question, it will not show up on a windows computer, but not because it is encrypted but the file system is either ext 3 or ext 2 which is a Linux partition, there are some programs that can see those partitions and you can try to search in googles for this, lets see if another user can share some information or tips on this matter.

I used Paragon Extfs and I now can see the drive and files & folders on it but don’t recognize anything. Can I covert this I think is RAW format to NTFS?