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Hi, first post on this forum, so please go gentle…
I have a 3GB my book live, I am very happy with it serving music for my Sonos system and movies via iPad and Apple TV.
I am a little concerned that I don’t have a backup/mirror of the drive. I would like to resolve this issue… What are my options?
Could I get another 3GB my book live and mirror some how? Or should I have gone for the my book live duo and set that it to mirror? Or have I got it all wrong??
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Partially wrong… but glad to hear you are concern about backups.

There are way too many options for backup, from safepoints, to OS (Linux) scripts/cron jobs, to FTP, to WD software, etc etc. It all varies per individual. You will have to make that decision based on your requirements and skills.

Hi Shabuboy

Thanks for your reply, what you are saying is to get another 3TB my book live, set it up on my network and then set up safe points to backup my existing drive one a week or whatever?

I understand their are different ways of backing up the drive, and this depends on a little what you are using the drive for, I am only occasionally adding more movies or music so a backup once a week should be sufficient. Or have I got it wrong?

I have two drives mirroring at work on our server, but as you suggest I only need an occasional backup as the data(files) are not changing too often, it’s just I want a second copy incase something happens to the first copy…??..

I will get another my book live on order…??..

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  • Well, I suggest you take the time and read about safepoints, to see if that will fullfil your requirements.

  • It all depends on you. There is not a one solition for all.

- mirroring is not backup. Read the link provided. If you care about any data, yes, you need a backup

Thanks Shabuboy for this, it’s all noted

I have noticed that the IP address seems to be changing, I fact I couldn’t connect with my book live dashboard.

Should the network mode be set in Static or DHCP mode? Will that stop the network changing the drives IP address??

Thanks for all your help

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