My Book Live won't work with TimeMachine on macOS Mojave?

I’ve been using a 2T My Book Live for my TimeMachine backups on mac for a few years now, with various hiccups whenever a new OS comes out, but now Mojave seems to have really broken it. It just won’t connect through TimeMachine.

I get the error message ’ The disk image “Gavin’s MacBook Pro.purgeable.sparsebundle” is in use.’

Is there an update coming? Or a way around this?

First, you should contact Apple Support for Time Machine Configuration concerns in macOS Mojave.

Im getting the same error, any update??

no update. total pain in the arse.

no, i shouldn’t. a product advertised as working with apple’s time machine should do so. it’s not apple’s responsibility to make their OS work with everyone’s peripherals, it’s the other way round.

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Gavin_H - 100% agree. I’m returning my new Passport. Should be easy with Time Machine but when it won’t erase, the instructions to get it ready for Time Machine and mind-bogglingly complex and time-consuming. Returning mine with a 1 star review. This no more Mac ready than a poodle!