My Book Live wont work with Mac (Lion)

I Installed the software with the CD that came with it on 2 Windows computers and my Mac and the windows computers work but not my Mac… And people tell me to update the WD SmartWare but when I do it says the WD Update Server Is Currently Unavailable and its been like that for 3 days now… And its Version for Mac, can anyone help me get this working for my Mac and update this… Thanks

If you are using the drive to backup your Mac, I would just use Time Machine. Smartware is ‘ok’ for Windows, but Time Machine is a much better solution for the Mac. It is easy to set up too.

Go to Time Machine and choose the network drive from the list.

When it asks for what account to use, choose Guest.

TimeMachine should take over from there and back up all your data.

Sorry that this does not answer your question about Smartware. I just don’t believe it is as good a solution as Time machine and would not use it on my own Mac.

My Book Live does not ship with Smarware for Mac… you must have this from one of the older Direct Attached drives. We do not support this on the My Book Live. As Chaos311 mentioned, please use Time Machine instead.

Ive tried to back up on time machine on my mac & it sometimes tells me latest backup delayed!why is this?