My Book Live will not connect to Windows 10 PC via wireless connection

Im trying to setup my My Book through a Virgin Media Hub 3.0, the hub says the my book is connected via ethernet cable, I can connect via ip address in a browser to the ‘dash board’. But I my PC will not recognise that the MyBook is on the network and a can’t even install the setup software from the CD/down load. I have up dated the firmware on the My Book via the dash board.

I am reasonably able to play around with things but this has got me stumped. I saw an article on making the My Book have a static IP which might help but I cant find the article again.

Every body else just seems to have plugged and played and this is seeming really difficult… can some one tell my what im doing wrong please.

windows 10 PC on wireless 5G
My book Live ethernet

Have you set “Make this PC discoverable”? I think that was new with Win 10 and it bites many people (including me). There are many web postings showing how to do this. (It’s not a particularly straightforward process.)

If that’s not the problem, check to make sure NetBIOS over TCP/IP is enabled. (That’s even less straightforward!) This has to be manually set if you are using static IP addresses. It should be automatically set if you are using dynamic IP addresses but sometimes it is not. Steps for checking and setting this are also out on the web.