My Book Live Warranty Status

I was facing an issue with My book live for the past 1 week. When powered on, it started with blue and then stucking at yellow/white.

I had around 500GB backup data which i have to recover in any option, After trying several options i was unable to recover from the fault, i contacted my retailer and he offered me a new one in exchange of faulty unit without recovering my data.

I was forced to open the enclosure my self since i had to recover my data. Now the HD once connected internally to PC, Mac or Ubuntu seems to have same results. All are facing I/O error and some times CRC which usually means that HD has gone bad/broke.

Now i want to ask whether i am eligible to claim my warranty or not, considering the fact that i Ynever opened the HD itslef:wink:  and also i just need a replaced HD since i can take care of the rest

If there is some one else who has faced the same issue and recovered, kindly let me know the steps taken for recovery of HD and data.

Thank you & Regards.!

Nope, you void the warranty when you open the enclosure.