My Book Live unable to access the internet

I am fully aware that this topic has been posted to the forum previously so I apologise for doing so again. However, I am at my whits end trying to get my 2TB MBL to access the internet.

I have followed most, if not all, of the advice on the forum, such as setting up a static IP address and changing DNS servers, setting up port forwarding on my router and manually configuring remote access etc etc but nothing seems to work.

The drive is connected to a Virgin Superhub (older model, not the current one). Is anyone aware of any issues with connecting the MBL to a Superhub? As an aside, The drive used to be connected to a TPLink router when I was with BT and it worked fine. However, I have never been able to get it to access the router with the Superhub.

Note that I am able to see the drive from computers within my network and to write/read data from it. My issue it that I keep getting the dreaded ‘no internet connection’ on the MBL’s network tab so are therefore unable to update firmware and to get access codes so that I can access data on the drive via my iPad.

Any help/assistance that anyone could offer would be greatly appreciated and received.

i think its the Superhub.