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I have this new TV that I got and I have troubles browsing the movies and actually playing it. sometimes files wont even show.

Is this something because of Twonky Server being version 5.9.1 and hasnt been updated in a while?

it is mostly because of your TV. in particular because of the particular file types that your TV can play.  Twonky streams almost everything, but it is the player that is the bottleneck… Anyways, i would suggest upgrading the twonky to version 8 anyways, its much better and easier to configure.  there is a guide for this, just search

I have mp4 and avi files…works on other sony tv i have

Smart TVs, are not that “smart”, yet… I keep saying it… but then, it is my personal opinion as well.

A stick such as the Roku and/or the Fire TV, for the price (under $50), is a lot better option. But that is another forum :wink:

would you exclude network problems? Is the  tv connected via WiFi or Cable?

(Assuming you have a youtube app on your TV and an internet connection) do youtube videos play smoothly?

yes internet is working fine (netflix and youtube)…MBL worked fine before on older Sony.Few days ago I got new sony and it didnt work on it so i checked on old one and it doesnt work on it either any more…

when i browse directories via tv it shows me some directories and some are missing…when i want to open directory it says that there is nothing inisde even thought I know there are mp4 files there…

My mobile app iPhone my Cloud and myPhoto works fine inside the house (home network) and outside of my home network