My Book Live + Twonky + LG 42LM620S

Hello all,

I have received a My Book Live for Xmas! Yay for Santa!

I am trying to view media through Twonky on my LG 42LM620S but I have several problems with all file formats:

  1. I can’t fast forward or rewind videos;

  2. I can’t view videos with subtitles in any format, including .srt files (I can if the subtitles are merged into a mkv file).

Does anyone know how to solve this?



use plex server men its better

How can I use that?

Cause using PLEX will need to have my PC always on…

Nelzon wrote:

 (I can if the subtitles are merged into a mkv file).

Well, you got the solution right there! This is the only way so far with Twonky.

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Twonky is a little lame… Isn’t it?

Let’s say it needs to be improved. But since I’ve done a little research over the net and found out how to enclose a subtitle directly into mkv files and that it takes just few minutes… I really really don’t care anymore. 

And, surprisingly, a lot of mkv’s already have subs included :wink: