My book live, twonky and xbox 360

Hi, hopefully someone can help me with this. I’ve obviously got all my videos stored on my ‘mybook live’ and i want to view them on my xbox360 (this is currently the only media reciever type thing i have).

On the drive they are stored in ‘film’ and ‘tv’ folders, with individual folders within for shows and seasons. I was hoping that this would allow me to browse through them on my xbox in a similar way to using a portable usb drive, being able to see the exact folder structure. But with the mybook live, this isn’t the case. Instead after selecting ‘MyBookLive-Twonky:TMS’ i get a list of folders such as; All videos, by date, by folder (4 times over), by year, personal rating, playlists.

I’m assuming it is organised like this due to the twonky media server that comes installed on the drive (i may be wrong). Is there anyway to re-organise all these folders? Also how can i edit the ‘date’, ‘personal rating’ etc as all this data seems to be out of wack

I don’t have an answer for you.  But, I also get folders like “Keywords”.  I open that folder and I am presented with folders that have keywords associated with my photo’s. 

My theory is that Twonky creates some sort of virtual folders that contain indexes from the real files.  The XBox presents all folders to you.  The virtual folder either has no name or its just called Folder.   With the main identifier being some sort of metadata on the folder itself.  But, it’s just a theory.  Twonky mentions PS3 on their site and not XBox. 

I have 10’s or thousands of photo’s.  I navigate that folders using “date taken” filter.  I also extensivly use keywords or tags.  So, I can filter on “Summer Vacation 2004” or “Hawaii”.

Hopefully, someone with some actual information can answer your question. 

Using the XBox 360 is really cool.  Our family Video’s and Photo’s have been held hostage on an external hard drive for years.   We spent new years eve watching years of memories on the Big Screen with the XBox 360 and My Book Live.

This is the same on the PS3. Its down to the twonkey server as far as I know and I dont know how to change that…all though I would like too!

The best way to browse your files in the folder structure you have laid out is though the all folders folder, this is how I am using it at the moment unless theres a way to change it.