My Book Live - trying to max the download speeds

I was downloading my content onto the nas, when I came on the community from the (WD My Book Live - Speed & Performance) and wanted to see if someone clearly answer this question. I looked on the forum for a sticky post, expecting this would be asked so often that there was a clear extra tutorial to get near if not exceed the amazing (100mb/s) that would compete with “the enterprise class storage drives that you would find”. No sticky post, so I went and did a search of speed and found 13 pages of results. I went from page 1 to page 13, reading some suspiring finds (the search results and how it scans based on the coding is a different post) but none the less I took all the ADVICE that was told, and here were the results. Before I was running from a 2.0 usb external drive trying to since to my wd live, peaking at 3.1-3.2mb/s (avg. 2 mb/s) and after going straight from my hard drive via ethernet connection I noticed a peak of 11-12mb/s on ethernet connection. I thought should my internet speed should not be a factor, but I want to have the maximum download speeds I can get, so do you think internet would be a factor in a hardwire link from pc to modem. 2 would a 1gb modem attached to a primary (non 1gb transfer modem) affect the download speeds if the live and the pc are connected through the 1gb/s modem? Lastly 3, can you ask the people who got the 100mb/s during their testing what they would recommend to at least get above the 25mb/s? Thank you in advance,

Hello and welcome, the transfer speed you will get depend on several factors. You might want to check the following link for some suggestions. 

When transferring large files to or from the My Book Live performance may be slower than expected