My Book Live Time Machine volume lost


iMac, Mac OS 10.7.2, 

D-Link DIR-825 router,

MyBook LIve 3TB, update yesterday witht the latest firmware,

I used the most recent install software, downloaded from WD, to install. (i.e.: WDNASOnobarding35G_MBL_1.5.1.6.iso)

I just bought a MyBook Live 3TB yesterday. After setting it up and running an initial backup with Time Machine, the backup volume has disappeared.

I can see “mybooklive” , with the “Public” folder, but not the Time Machine backup volume.

I managed to get **bleep** back last night somehow, but I’m not sure what it was that worked… I did unplug the power and disconnect the ethernet, and start again; that may have been what did it.

Quickview menu offers only the “About” screen, and My Book Live Setup doesn’t discover the drive, even with the “mybooklive” containing the “Public” folder visable.

I’m guessing this all have something to do with my router settings, but I don’t have the knowledge to sort it out.

I’ve included a screen shot of my network settings, so wiser minds can ponder this. Thanks.

Screen Shot 2011-11-07 at 8.17.18 AM.png

Hmm. I wonder why “My Book Live Time Machine backup” got changed to “*bleep*” in the forum software!