My Book Live - Stuck on 'Initializing Device' after firmware update

I’m hoping one of you guys can help me out here…

I carried out the firmware upgrade using ‘check for firmware update’ on the MBL UI. Firmware updated and everything still worked great. I then applied the patch to switch to the WD DLNA media server - by manually updating via the UI. the patch seemed to apply okay and went through the usual steps before rebooting itself. Now, the drive is stuck at ‘initializing device’ and won’t actually boot up. Have left it running overnight (9+hrs) and still no luck.

I can see it on my network and it has an IP address. Can’t SSH in to root, it just says connection refused. Can’t use the UI as the ‘initializing device’ window has focus. Odd thing, is that I can still access my files using mobile apps, but I can’t access anything on my home network.

Anyone have any ideas/suggestions? Could it be simply running a huge media scan due to the DLNA media server? I have about 1.3TB of media on this drive.

Thankyou for any suggestions :slight_smile:

Hello, backup any important files if possible and then try pressing the reset button on the back of the My Book for 4 seconds, if the problem continues, disconnect the My Book Live power cable for 15 seconds, and then try again. 

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Hi, Many Thanks for the suggestion, though that didn’t work.

However, I figured out how to get SSH back - reloading the UI a few times and very quickly ticking, unticking, ticking the SSH box (before the ‘initializing device’ messages appears). This allowed me to SSH in and repatch the firmware manually. It took a good hour to run through the update but all is back now and working fine - although I seem to have both Twonky and WD media server running in parallel. I’ve now also patched the reset script to enable SSH too - The frantic ticking and unticking was very frustrating! :slight_smile:

Hello there –

Same problem as you, except I never updated the firmware before the event.  I did an orderly shutdown via ssh, and, when the device came back up, no ssh and eternal cycling of theui.  Also getting error 31183 (error retrieving firmware upgrade information)  at times between “initializing device” events.

Tried to reset password, no result.  Tried the rest button and hard boot with the15" delay, no cigar.

I see your suggestion for toggling SSH – but where do you find the “enab;e SSH” on the UI?  I only see Setting/Users/Shares/Safepoints and Support menu entries, plus the Status: Initializing at the bottom and .Music /.Photos/ … .Other and View my files icons at the bottom – but have no time to see what’s behind any of them.

Any suggestion ?