My book live share files

hi, i need some help.

i have a my book live of 2t, i have a file with the name PUBLIC, inside of public i have my pics, videos, etc.

i download the application in my mobile and i can see all my files without any problem, that is ok.

now i like to share my disk with a relative and some friends, but they can see all my files and i only want that they see only one folder for each one, in order they can download their pics and files.

please i need some help to share my book live because i cant find a solution.

my best rgds


Public is what it implies, public and anyone will be able to see it.

If you want separate folder for each user, then create a private share for each user.

Read the manual, specially the section about “Managing shares”. As well as “Managing users”. Take your time, play, test, learn it. Once you do, you will pretty much mastered the admin for most NAS devices, regardless of brand.