My Book Live running out of space even when I'm not adding anymore files


I have not been adding files to my 2TB My Book Live, which had easily 500GB left, but yesterday I received a notification that I only had 2% left even when I haven’t been putting ANYTHING there for the past year.

I tried to run both diagnostics and both kept on failing. Even clicking “Request Support” and "“Create and Save” System report does not work.

And I noticed that I am now down to 1% (from 2%) even when there was nothing happening.

So I deleted whole folders which further freed 20GB. Going to shares tab reports I have 1.6TB out of 2TB. But the meter below the interface which is supposed to show capacity still reports 1.9TB of 2TB.

What’s happening? Why is it suddenly reporting disk usage when I am not and have not been putting anything in it?



Make sure there ins’t any backup software running in the background and try a four seconds reset on your My Book Live.

If the issue persists, I would recommend that you back up your files to a different device, perform a full restore and then transfer you files back to the My Book Live.