My Book Live & RMA woes

I bought a 3TB MBL back in November and I couldn’t have been happier until last Thursday (03/15/12) when the new 02.10.12-129 FW killed my MBL. I was lucky enough to back up all my data before the drive completely died and put in an advanced RMA request. I received the “re-certified” replacement drive yesterday.

Setup and booted up fine, copied some of my files over and it seemed to work well but Web UI was extremely slow and drive wouldn’t sleep. I updated the firmware from 02.02.02-020 to 02.10.09-124, which went without any hiccups. Restarted, Web UI seemed to function much better but didn’t check if the drive went into sleep mode. I copied the rest of the files over. All went well and Web UI functioned normally.

After the files copied over, the drive still wouldn’t sleep. I changed sleep intervals but the LED kept blinking green all night long. I figured something was working in the background and left for work. Got home 10 hours later and still LED green and blinking. All networked devices except router and modem are off.

I try to log back into the Web UI and it kept refreshing the page and requesting my password again without actually logging me into the Web UI. However, if I typed a wrong password, it would confirm with “invalid password”. All files remain accessible though, which I think is the only good part of the whole ordeal.

Fed up with it, I call WD’s customer service and it was 36 minutes before someone actually answered. I explained what was going on and he suggest I reset the drive (which didn’t change anything) and then he suggested power cycling the drive by unplugging the power, which again didn’t change anything. There went another 20 minutes before he put me on hold again.

After a 5 minute hold he tells me that the replacement “re-certified” drive that I received is no good and that he would put in an advanced RMA request. Keep in mind, WD is already holding $288.16 on my credit card for the 1st RMA, on which I shipped them the original faulty drive that they killed with their 02.10.12-129 firmware.

After mentioning the existing credit card hold, I told him that I wasn’t going to let them hold up anymore of my credit card funds and I wanted a new replacement. He put me on hold for another 5 - 10 minutes to let me talk to his supervisor. Supervisor mentioned that they had too many re-certified drives ready to ship but there was no way he would send me new replacement. He finally agreed to waive the deposit for the 2nd replacement, offered a shipping label and created an advanced RMA ticket to send me another “re-certified” replacement drive.

I was finally transferred back to the representative that took my call earlier and after a total of 1 hours and 25 minutes, the call ended. This time on top of the several hours I spent backing up my files, moving them to the replacement drive and the hours trying to get the Web UI to work.

I am not really thrilled about getting a second “re-certified” replacement considering the first one didn’t last a whole 24 hours and also because the supervisor mentioned that they have several re-certified drives that have been serviced and ready to ship. Obviously their recertification process is sub par and there is no guarantee that the 2nd replacement would last longer than 24 hours, if that.

Over the years, I’ve used several WDC products without ever having to call their customer service but this time may be the last time I purchased a WDC product.

Has anyone here managed to receive a brand new replacement on any RMA tickets? Any suggestions/advise regarding this issue would be much appreciated.

Per their warranty policy WD uses recertified drives for replacements.  I hope this second replacement works for you. If I were you I would not update the replacement unit to the current firmware, I suggest you to wait until the next firmware release…  

Vadir wrote:

Per their warranty policy WD uses recertified drives for replacements.  I hope this second replacement works for you. If I were you I would not update the replacement unit to the current firmware, I suggest you to wait until the next firmware release…  

I agree that the policy states recertified drives, however they also state that all products are tested and determined to meet WD’s stringent quality standards before they are sold as recertified. If the latter was true, I wouldn’t be waiting on my 2nd replacement drive in less than a week.

The original drive that I bought came with a 3 year warranty. Per WD’s warranty policy, recertified products come with 6 months of warranty. So, I returned a drive that had 2 years and 8 months of warranty left and now all I get back is a recertified drive with only 6 months of warranty? What happens to the other 2 years and 2 months of warranty that I was already charged for?

Not to mention, I wouldn’t have had to return my original drive if WD had released their latest firmware after actually testing it. If they can’t test their firmwares for proper functionality, I can only imagine the quality of their recertification process and there’s proof in the recertified replacement drive that I received, which didn’t last a whole 24 hours.