My Book Live Restarts Regularly

I’ve had a My Book Live Duo 4TB for a few days now and since I signed up for email alerts I keep getting this restart notice as follows;

Following events are generated on your MyBookLive.
Event title:System restart
Event description:The system has restarted.
Event code:2001

I thought it was a problem but noticed it’s happening semi-regularly- exactly 7 mintues and 20-30 seconds past the hour every 4-8 hours.

I don’t have any scheduled backups or anything that might be causing this but any ideas? Is there some setting on the MBL that’s causing this that I’ve overlooked?

Thanks in advance.

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Try pressing the reset button on the back of the my book for 4 seconds, if that doesn’t work do a factory restore.

The reset button didn’t help - same symptoms. Also did a full factory restore which took a few hours.

Noticed new symptoms meanwhile before and after the reset- rebuilding in RAID 1 never gets past 90% and both quick and full diagnostic tests get to 90% and fail.

Guess this is now a warranty issue?

I guess so :confounded:, contact tech support to replace it.