My Book Live restarts randomly


Anyone else noticed following behaviour:

Through nas e-mail alerts I get following messages a few times a day:

Following events are generated on your MyBookLive MyBookLive.
Event title:System restart
Event description:The system has restarted.
Event code:2001
Event time:08-30-2011 07:30:55 AM

Running latest firmware, but happened also with previous firmware.

Anyone know the cause or a solution for this ?



Well, first check to see if it actually IS rebooting.    I know the MBL on occasion will send repeated alerts for things it has already alerted on.

SSH into the box and run the command “uptime” to see how long it’s been running.

If it *IS* rebooting, well, I don’t know why that might be.

If it is NOT, then you need to make sure you ACKNOWLEDGE the alerts via the Web Dashboard.


Thanks for your quick answer. It looks like it is actually rebooting.

uptime was 3:39, latest alert was 5:01 PM, this corresponds with actual time 20:41PM.

Is there a way to see something like an eventlog ?




I’m looking into the messages file.

I see following entries :

localhost logger: reset button pressed, invoking reset actions.

allthough the room where MBL is located, is locked :slight_smile:


Eeek.    That sounds as if the reset button is closing on its own.  You might try “exercising” it with a paper clip  (power it down, then unplug it, then poke it a few dozen times with a paper clip, then power it back on.)

If that doesn’t fix it, probably should call WD Support.