MY Book Live-- Really slow transfer speeds

I have two MY book Live 2TB hooked up to a gigabyte switch and my laptop which has a GB lan and is hooked up to the same switch via a cat 6 cable. The transfer speed is so slow. Why is it only transferring between 3mb/s to 4mb/s? Is there any way to speed this up? If I transfer the 675GB worth of data over from the old one to the new one it would take days. Any help or suggestions to find a way to move large amounts of data any quicker it would be nice. 

I’m havinbg this exact same problem. If I pause and restart I get a burst up to about 50Mbps, but then it slows right down to less than 4Mpbps.

Combine this with the fact that the remote login tells me the machine is off line half the time, and the fact it disconnects half way through a film and it looks like this may be going back to the shop shorlty.