My Book Live Proxy settings for Remote Access behind a corporate router


My company’s network has a Proxy Server that requires UserName & Password in order to let me access the Internet.

I have a MBL 2TB located inside my company’s network.

How can I configure Proxy Settings + UserName + Password, to MBL in order to be able to connect to internet, so I can use Web Access ?

Info: I have configured “Connection Options = Windows XP Compatibility” but “Connection Status = Failed, Cannot establish remote access connection. Make sure you are connected to the Internet. (Error 31520)”



You can try with VPN service

don’t think is possible to configure proxy on MBL

Hello Wizer,

thank you for the answer, but it will not work for me. I do not have any ability to open or request any port opening / forwarding in the company’s router.

I suppose, I have to accept that MBL remote access, works only for Home or Small Business networks.

Let’s hope that a future firmware will enable MBL to configure Proxy Settings.