My Book Live problems

Hi all,

Now, I’m not much of a computer wiz by any regard, but I’ll try explain this as best I can.

Basically, I am unable to access my files on my 2tb mybooklive media drive. I have had it for about half a year, and has been pretty much problem free until recently.

On 27th Feb. I got an email, from my drive saying:

Following events are generated on your MyBookLive SkyNet.

Event title:A new version of firmware is available

Event description:A new version of the firmware has been released. Please update your device.


Event code:2002

Event time:02-27-2013 03:00:09 AM

Firmware version:    02.32.05-046

Now, I was away at the time so don’t know if this had anything to do with the problem, but have been unable to access the drive since. It won’t show up on my computer on my laptop or PC, running windows 7 + 8 respectively.

If I power down and back up the drive, it will sometimes be mapped onto both systems, however access to files is impossible. I have been able to access the mediaserver address or whatever and tried an update but received an error 31101 during the update. On a retry of the update I received an error 31106. 

I’m assuming the drive is not bricked as I was able, on one occasion only, to access the drive via twonky. I even managed to play some media from the drive ~ the audio from a documentary I had.

Basically, I have not seen anybody else with this problem, other than two people on page 1 of this topic but they got no response. So I don’t know what to do. I had over a TB of data on this drive, about 200gb of that wasn’t backed up either - I know my bad. So just wondering a) How can it be fixed. or b) if it can’t, can I at least recover some of the data off of it?


I just noticed. That upon powering down and back up of the drive I can access it for a couple of minutes. Unfortunatly it doesn’t last long enough.