My book live power supply

I am embarassed to admit that I have lost my power supply brick !

Just unpacked from an inter-city move and cannot find (identify) which of many “bricks” is that used for the 1TB my boo live.

NOTHING in my documentation even tells me the VOLTAGE required.

I have a candidate for the joblabelled “LI SHIN INTERNATIONAL ENTERPRISE CORP” AC ADAPTER

12v OUTPUT 4.16A 50W

The connector is a tight fit but I am afraid to stick in a live socket without confirming the unit is actually requiring 12V !!

I now wish I had identifyed the brick with a LABEL on installation.


Urm. I lost my husband’s My Book Essential power supply too. I was wondering if anyone could tell me if I could just buy one of those adapter chargers they are selling on ebay?? 

Visit the link below, you can look for your drive model, you will be able to see the spec’s of your power supply.

Iffah_SH, better contact tech support and buy an original power supply, using a 3rd party adapter might damage your device and it might void your warranty.

absolutely what the mod says, you grab the wrong power adapter, and you can burn out the drive.