My Book Live: Not recommended at all

I bought a My Book Live over a year ago. 

Nothing works properly on this stupid device. 

Here is a summarized list of the things that doesn’t work:

  1. I can’t have admin access via www. from Mac OS. 

There is a rediculous java problem and so many people reported it on this forum but WD doesn’t do anything about it. 

  1. Whenever I connect to this storage via an FTP client, one out of 3 times it doesn’t work for an unknown reason. 

  2. When it updates itself, or whenever I put some data on it, it becomes unresponsive for days.

4. Many of the options that they provide, e.g. static IP assignment don’t work. 

  1. Here comes one of the most stupid problems with this device: The storage has a built-in public folder which is avilable to all the people in your local domain, and there is no way to restrict other people’s access to this folder! 

This list goes on forever. I have been spending more time trying to fix this stupid device problems than I can imagine. 

I was much better off buying a USB external storage. 


Welcome to the WD Community.

As a recommendation, contact WD Support for direct assistance on your case.

WD Contact info:

This is the best NAS I have ever owned!!! Just to show you how people can differ…

I use SCP/SFTP all the time remotely, never had any issues. I do not use FTP because it is unsecure.

I can load/unload data all the time without issues, locally or remote

I am using a static IP since day 1

Public is, as its name implies, Public. Easy to delete/rename and/or change writes access. Heck, you can even create any folder with any permissions you want very easily, all in the manual.

Ans yes, if you compare MBL to a USB drive, you will have lots of issues. It would be like comparing apples to orages.

Good luck with your next choice!

Let me guess. You are a philanthropist who doesn’t mind others upload and download all kinds of files on his storage and who is happy if SFTP works one out of ten trials? Maybe that’s why you never had an issue.

You promoting this worthless device can only lead to other people buying it and waste their money.