My Book Live Not recognised in network, green light lid

dear all

I have a MBL 3TB that from one day to the other:

  • is not recognized by the network, not when connected to the router directly nor to the gigabit switch, bot in windows and Mac OS (mavericks) 

  • has the green led burning constantly, making me assume it should work fine

  • when restarted, does send an email that the system has restarted (so has Internet access)

  • when connected to the computer directly, sometimes is able to transfer files and do backups, though often connection gets lost, and you can start all over again

I can, however, not approach it, see it, whatsoever. help!!? anyone knows what causes this and how to resolve it?

thank a million, and sorry if I missed a post where this has been addressed already (I couldnt find anyhting)



Have you tried resetting it and/or power cycling it?

i did, many times. does not work. i can somehow approach the device when connected directly to the computer, but other thanthat there is no connection possible. any other suggestions?