My Book Live not recognised by router

Hi there,

I’ve got a problem with my 3TB my book live.I’m not sure what version it’s running but I usually update it when I see there’s one available. It’s been working fine since we got it at Christmas but last week our router packed up and we were sent a new one (both bt home hub version 3). The mybooklive’s not being recognised at all by the network - when I log onto the web interface for the router it’s not recognising that the NAS is attached at all and it only ever has a blue or yellow light on. I’ve tried resetting the router and drive and left it plugged in for a day or so in the hope that it’ll somehow recognise it. I’ve also tried plugging it straight into my computer but that doesn’t seem to work either… 

Does anyone have any ideas what I might need to do to get it to work again?

Cheers for the help 

I’m not that familier with the BT HomeHub 3 router but what I’ve seen is that with the MyBook Live working with the majority of the routers on the market, the fault usually lies with the minority of routers.

I know it may involve more cost, but try eliminate the router from the problem. To do this, purchase a Gigabit network switch. Connect your equipment to the switch as well as your MyBook Live. Also the HomeHub 3.  Do not use the HomeHub’s built in router.

I think that should solve the problem.