My Book Live not picking up

I have a MyBook Live 2Tb.

2 days ago the drive suddenly became very slow. I was able to copy data from the drive buy copying to the drive only ran at ±30kb/s.

I already had a bad feeling so I tried to save the data. Copying only ran at 10Mb/s and I only managed to save about 50Gb before the drive rebooted randomly. 

The next day copying data drom the drive ran at the same speed as to the drive…

I rebooted the drive and now it is not even picking up anymore. My router cannot see the drive even though it is connected. I have tested my router, a different cable and a different power supply.

I have pressed the reset button for a couple of seconds and also tried the firmware reset by pressing the reset button twice. Nothing works.

The drive boots up slowly but the light turns green eventually. Nonetheless, it is not picked up by the router. I have also tried a direct connection to my PC without success.

Any idea or suggestion? This is now the second WD drive which is breaking within less than 6 months and again I am loosing a ton of data…

You can connect to the router and check on the router admin page to see if picking any IP address

If connected to the computer, make sure the firewall has been disabled

Check if you have Client for Microsoft Networks on your computer

Try a different computer and connect by \mybooklive on the web browser

Thanksbut like I said in the original message my router was not picking the drive up at all. 

Anyway, I managed to get it sorted. Turned out the drive was completely bricked.  Followed the guide in the forum, installed ubuntu, connected the drive to my sata port and within 30 minutes it was up and running again. I even managed to save all the data.

I am just so fed up with WD, nothing but problems with their products.