My Book Live not found after restart


I have a Pure Sensia and when I reboot my my book live my radio cant seem to find the network drive in the media list. Any ideas why this may be?

Similarly : I have noticed that when restarting my WD My Book Live the public share I have setup disappears from the Content Locations list. Is this because by default the Public share is always shared so does not have to be specifically set?

Cheers for any reply.

You are right, the public share is always shared. Now the only thing I can think of in here is the IP address of the MBL changing after you reset it, do you have the same problem with a set IP address?

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Thanks ThePizzaMatrix, thats been my thinking regarding the MBL IP changing. By default it is dynamic and it definitely does change so it is worth giving it a static IP within my router (I guess I would set network mode to Static also?).

I carried out a factory reset last night and with the default settings my book live is picked up every time even when I reboot everything (MBL, router & sensia). The only changes I made to MBL before the factory reset was giving it a password and I also ran mp3 tag software on mp3s on the drive. Altering the mp3s on the drive probably was not a wise move.

Im tempted to leave everything as the fact it now works. However if I run into the issue again I will definitely be assigning as static IP to the device and see if it helps!


i have my router and the MBl set to DHCP, but I reserve a DHCP in the router, so it’s always giving the same one to that device. 

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But not every router is blessed with IP reservation :stuck_out_tongue:

On Windows one can use a IP scanner to locate what is where.  For example . . .

Advanced IP Scanner 2.1 (Free Network Scanning Tool)

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I have the option within the router so its worth a shot :

Always use the same IP address: