My Book Live not appearing as a backup target

updated to 2.2 on vista 64 bit, and like others the MBL is not seen as a device.  I can navigate to the drive fine (just pulled some files from the smartware backup folder!), dashboard launches fine.  No device in smartware.

Considering I also have a usb drive for occasional backups (seagate, and their software is flaky too), I"m thinking of ditching smartware altogether, clearing out the drive, and using some other bkacup service that can back up to multiple drives.

Anybody use a free or cheap backup utliity that will work on Vista, 8, and will backup to two different locations as they are available?

looks like the vista machine had the “block all programs” box checked.  not sure when that happened.  I unchecked that, added quick view and smartware to the exceptions list, and it seems to stay connected now.  Quickview will show the space/temp info, and smartware sees the MBL.


hmm - got a long reply eventually about uninstalling everything and still did not work on the XP machine.

also set a pwd which i’m guessing I mistyped as I can’t get back in.

but… I can still store to and copy from the device…

so I copied my XP files as I don’t need continuous backup, just a snapshot.

Onto my W7 machine and everything worked fine with Smartware … even though I still don’t know my password. Worries me that the backup is not encrpyted and that you can access it without the password…

This is not (yet??) the simple and safe solution that I thought I was buying…

I use Windows 7.  When I have this problem I click on Computer --> Network.  After a few moments the MyBookLive will be shown as a storage device.  As soon as this happens it is then visible as a back up target in smartware.

I have the same problem"

Win 7 64 Bit

WD mynet750 router

Livebook 1TB, doesn’t show up as backup target on my computer.

I have no firewall issues 

I have checked the sharing and I am on “home network” 

I Can see if in my network view on my computer and other devices on the network

I have Upnp on my router additionally



    my book live not appearing in backup target only drop box show.

2)   In xp smartware not installed i installed the dotnet 4.0

I just got off the phone with Western Digital customer support about this issue with WD Smartware not seeing a MyBook Live as a backup target (only sees Dropbox).

I’m running Windows 8.1 Enterprise (64-bit), fully patched, including the latest November 2013 “patch Tuesday” set of fixes.

I was told by Western Digital support that this is a known issue with WD Smartware with 64-bit editions of Windows 8 (and 8.1).   It sounds like Western Digitial is working to fix the problem in a future release of WD Smartware, but the person I spoke with was not allowed to provide an estimate of when that fixed version would become available.

Meanwhile, I was told to use Windows 8’s built-in backup mechanism.