My Book Live (NO FRONT LED) Back LED's all work fine

I have never had issues before. But now I have no front LED lights at all. I already know that this product should be plugged directly into the wall (not a strip) and the back LED’s are working as expected (solid green bottom and flashing on occasion on top.

When I run the software, it is not finding the MBL,

Hello Jeran, welcome to the WD Community.

Does resetting the unit makes any changes? If you haven’t try this, please do that using the reset button on the back of the unit.

See page 125 of the user manual.

Link to manual:

Why it should not be connected to a power strip? I have mine in one with no power issues whatsoever.

Try to find out the IP for the device in your router dhcp lease table (check your router manual).
Then try to connect to dashboard via an internet browser to it, such as: