My Book Live - no ethernet led lights

I completely lost the ethernet connection after an update. I do not see the ethernet leds in the back lit up. The front led is always blue. I have tried direct connection to a Windows 7 PC as well as my home router. I even tried to reset the drive using pin.  It was working before although I used it only sparingly.

  1. I can request for RMA but before I do that I want to erase any personal data on the drive. 

  2. any solution for the network connection?

Since you do not have connectivity with the drive I do not think you will be able to erase the data.  You may try another power outlet, directly on the wall, and an additional reset by holding the reset button for 4 seconds.

I have tried resetting multiple times and also connecting directly to the PC with no luck. Last resort would be to RMA.