My Book Live - Network

hi guys new to tis forum,im familiar with forums none the less but my issue is almost out of my ability(Car modifications)…

anyhow we have a WD My Book Live 2tb item and we have a complete wireless network and wired .

my problem is im trying to acess my media on the device through my panasonic SC-BTT790 through the network(ie watch movies or music etc), when i try it says acces denied.

i want to be able to watch and acess the drive with ease so my wife can do so without any hickups.

any info would be greatly apreciated

Hello, you can access the content in the my book as a shared folder or using the media server that the my book uses (twonky). If you haven’t, you should check the steps on how to access content on your network from the SC-BTT790 (Page 31 of the manual). Your my book live and the SC-BTT790 must be part of the same network (connected to the same router).

thank you for the info.

iv checked everything and im so confused now ifeel like an ostritch with my head in a hole im unfamilir with.

the twonky part nd the network part seem to have me stumped…

so much for making things easier lol… not all of us are it geeks but i dont think the manufacturers take that into account lol…

i really dont know what to do,

I suspect that you have put all your movies on a share(folder) which is password protected. Move everything to share which doesnt have password protection (like public) and try again.