My book live network connection problems

I have just had to reformat my laptop and now cannot connect to my drive to access file history to restore backup :frowning:

the drive is connected to router with network cable

I can access drive control panel using IP address

I can access files using my book live app.

The drive shows in network as a media and storage device but not under the ‘my computer’ section.

When I seach for drive using file history it cannot find it.

Laptop has correct workgroup name

Please help, been at this for hours without any success at all, i just don’t understand how I can access drive control panel and via the app but not as a device recognised by file history.

It is soon going to be ‘my book live in the garden via a window’ !!!


There is no history, because it was erased when laptop was reformatted.

Try windows explorer, on the bar type: \mybooklivename or \mybookliveip

I am not just blaming MBL, my laptop will be in the garden with it! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

The file history is on the MBL, I can browse it using the WD my cloud app.

If I type \mybooklive into explorer I get nothing, in a browser it takes me to http://mybooklive/UI/login where I can login to setting.

I just don’t understand how I can see it everywhere apart from where I need to for it to work correctly (In the ‘Computer’ section of ‘Network’)

If I can’t connect to it using file history it means it will take many hours to drag/drop the files I need to transfer back and also that I cannot use it for future backups.

Ah ok, my bad!

try by IP… \mybookliveip such as \, find out what address is yours.

In WINDOWS EXPLORER (not Internet Explorer), go to Network.  You will see the MBL.  Click and you will see the files

I have possibly same problem. Can see my device but can’t access to it. MB somebody has sollutions?