My Book Live- needs better support for iOS


I have a 2 TB My Book Live that I use with iPAD and iPhone as remote devices.  It is generally working well.  I have a few suggestions for better deployment of this product, some iOS specific and some general:

-1. Please provide upload capability for WD 2go on iPad and iPhone.  This exists for Android and also WD Photos on iOS. Not sure if this is an oversight.  Appstore description says you should be able to do this.  When you do this, please do not limit it just photos. It should be for any files.

2.  Please provide capability to  be able to email a link to a Folder, not just a file.  This way, I can share a whole album by email.  I know you can select multiple photos from WD Photos. It is not the same thing.

3.  It is not possible to copy files between Dropbox and WD 2go even though documentation and the app description on Apple’s Appstore says otherwise.

4.  Why limit WD Photos to /Public folder only.  There are many reasons why one wants set up other public and shared folders and be able to view photos and videos from those folders that the remote device has access to.

Thank you,