My Book Live need a better syncing solution

I am currently using OneDrive. I like that if I make any changes to computer 1, it will automatically sync my other three computers and all have the same files.  

What I dont like is the huge data transfers. Also I am often away, 2-3 weeks at the time. Due to the huge data transfere issue, OneDrive is turned off during this time. However, I am still working on the laptop and my staff are working on the other computers in the office. Up on my return I connect the my laptop to synch, but it is not merging or updating the files, it simply creates two files one calls where as the other will be automatically named <<hjkerwtycvbn - laptop>

I need a better solution. I bought the MYBook Live and I was told that it would do what I need. Well, there is nothing wrong with the device, but I need a piece of software to go with it. I canot believe that I am the only one in this big world that has this problem. Any advise would be greatly appreciated 

I’m not sure I fully understand your problem. 

But check out bittorrent sync

That program can actually be installed on the mybooklive but with effort and it will void your warranty.  There are other NASes like Synology NAS’s (which have a great reputation) where you won’t void your warranty by using that program. 

Synology is way more expensive though but for a small business, well I don’t think MBL’s (which I think are a great value for personal use)  were really made for business use.

I thought Microsoft had a business version of OneDrive as well but I’m not an expert with business cloud storage.

You may want to try another forum like or something.  I’m not sure mybooklive users would know of other alternatives as well as others since they are using the mybooklive.

Good luck.  Sorry can’t be of more help.

Not offiial apps for that from WD if that is what you are asking for. However, plenty of options out there besides the one mentioned earlier. Some from beginners to advanced users

From SSH, SCP, SFTP, rsync, VPN, OpenVPN, HTTPs, etc.

FYI… MBL is actualy running Debian Lenny.