My book live nas backup **help**

My Current configuration is as follows:

3 x3TB WD MYBOOK LIVE Drives with 5 rack mount servers using Symantec System Recovery 2011, and Symantec Back-up Exec 2012 backing up to these drives nightly. 

I also have a USB only Fireproof and Water Proof IO Safe Solo external drive with 6TB’s of storage. What I would like to do is backup my western digital drives to this USB drive (which is connected to a spare terminal and shared out, but not hosting any data at this time.) I have tried using every variation of Symantec Product I have. As well as FB Back-up, and even Acronis. My next step is to try EveryDay Auto Backup, but I’m not confident that I will be able to back-up network drives locally. Has anyone ever heard of someone trying this, or have any thoughts on what I may be able to try? 

As of late, after a few internal catastrophes, I am really big on redundancy. I want at least 2 current images of each system backed up at any given time to prevent any data loss. For my company, 1 day of lost data could equal $200,000 easily. Thanks in advance for your help if you are able to assist. 

sorry, I haven’t.  but it sounds like you need to consult your IT professionals.