My Book Live - Music/airplay/itunes/ipad

So sorry if this has been asked before - I could not find a ‘search forum’ facility. My issue must be fairly common.

I have iTunes on my windows laptop with a mixture of imported CD’s and downloaded music including all the album covers etc. I have a good quality docking station with speakers that has no wifi or internet connectivity itself. I have purchased an Apple Airport express, joined it my local wifi network, and connected the analogue output of the Airport Express to my docking station. Using iTunes on my laptop I can now stream my CD’s and internet radio to the docking station in ‘tip top’ quality- great!

But now I would like to take it one step further. I have copied over the complete iTunes folder on my laptop (Music/MyMusic/iTunes) to a newly created public folder on my WD MBL 2TB.

I would now like to use my iPad 2 to control the streaming of music directly from the MBL to the docking station. In other words I want to switch off my Windows Laptop running iTunes, and use the iPad 2 instead.

I cannot download my music to the iPad and stream from there because the iPad does not have sufficient hard disk capacity.

Any help would be appreciated, even if only a link to a previous thread on a similar topic. Many thanks.

Hi there,

Have you tried to use the WD My Cloud app for iOS, this might be useful for you

Hi, thanks for your suggestion.

I’ve now downloaded the app to my iPad 2 and had a brief look at it. The app seems to be more related to sharing and storing media so I’m not sure how it will help me? I have all my music on the MyBookLive nas, what I want to do is to stream it to my Apple Airport express using the iPad to select Albums/tracks or internet radio stations.

I cant quite see how the app will help?

But, thank you very much for the suggestion, and if you are able to assist me any further your help would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards, yt…