My book Live media crawler stops

I have experienced problems with the media crawler both in the latest firmware 02.43.03-022 and in earlier versions. The problems can be grouped in two:

  1. First of all I have to reset the unit each time I have added pictures as the crawler has stopped and do not start automatically.

  2. Lately when I added some pictures and after I have made the reset of the unit, it started to generate false (not existing) pictures in the WDPhotos. After this it was necessary to rebuild the data base. After 2-5 hours and app 400 to 800 pictures the crawler stops scanning again, and I have to reset the unit again. Having a lot of pictures as I have, this can take a week or more and many resets.

Do anyone have the same experience, and do anyone have a fix?


Hi, see if the link below helps.

WD Photos does not display all the photos on a Personal Cloud drive or WD NAS drive

Tanks for the answer.
I have tried both the reboot and the rebuild as described in the note.
For the reboot, the crawler starts and runs for 3-4 hours and scans some hundreds pictures. Then it stops again, and has to be rebooted again. If I have made changes to the already existing picture folders, this will not be found.
For the rebuild the crawler starts, but to scan all my pictures it has to be rebooted at least 10 times before all pictures are found. This process takes several days, and is not a satisfying procedure.
I thought that the crawler should start as soon as My Book Live is idle, and then scan until all changes (added or moved pictures) where found, or have I misunderstood something?
I will be very pleased if you can find a solution.