My Book Live (MBL) - Photos not showing on LG 47LE5510 via DLNA


Have a 3TB MBL.

Photos are not showing on LG 47LE5510 via DLNA.  I can see thumbnails ok but when i try to open they are blank and shows 0kb file size. 

If i connect a HD directly to the TV the photos display OK.

Music and video files work ok via DLNA.

I have sharing set to “all” on the default public share.  Latest firmware is installed. Photos are stored in default share under “shared pictures” directory.

No problem on my LG 55LX6500… TV says the resolution of the photo is 3072x1728, which is correct…

I also happen to have a 55LX6500.  I have tried that one and the same problem, it only shows thumbnails.  Is there anything you had to do to get it to work.

Model: 55LX6500-TD, Software ver: 04.01.06.

Could you check your TV and compare.  On TV menu screen, press red button and select product/service info.

Also, what version of Twonky are you running on your MBL.


I have firmware 4.12.00.   That is for the US Model TV’s.  (55LX6500-UA)

I am not in front of my TV right now, so I am recalling from memory what I did last night.

When I first open the “My Network” application   I pick PHOTOS, then MYBOOKLIVE.

Then I pick the Photos folder AGAIN, select ALBUM, and then pick a folder from the drive.

When I pick the folder, I get about 30 or so THUMBNAILS on the screen.   I think these THUMBNAILS are actually coming from the EXIF data in the JPGs,  because I have a few photos where the Thumb is DIFFERENT than the actual photo!  :dizzy_face:

When I “scroll” to a thumbnail and click the center button, the photo becomes full screen, in perfect Full-HD display.

Of course, my photos are high resolution (Nikon D60 DSLR), but the TV downscales them to 1920x1080 quite nicely.

Hi Tony,

Thanks.  Do you think there is a problem with the Twonky server or the TV?  Do you know what version of Twonky you have?  Did you change anything on the MBL or is it stock standard FW and Twonky server.  Did you root it in any way (man that sounds funny while i write it).  The strange thing is if i connect to a windows PC it shows up the photos no problem (thumbnail and full screen).


I have the same TV, the same MBL (which means the same version of Twonky.)

I didn’t change anything at all on the MBL.   The only thing I’ve done is ENABLE SSH, but I have never modified a configuration file.

My MBL is running firmware version 1.05.07, just updated last week.

I’m going to PM you with some further info.