My Book Live; is it too hot?

Would you please give an advise how hot is OK or how hot is too hot!

This is my first NAS for home use; MyBook Live 3TB, came in blue/black box, Firmware version: 02.32.06-006

After using it for over a week I noticed that it never really cools down to a room temperature.

It stay on the blue light for many, many hours and is still hot/warm when on sleep.

What would be the reason for the drive to be warm/hot if is doing nothing?

Because the CPU is always active doing its own thing, and the CPU is passively cooled just like the hard drive.

It will always be a few degrees warmer than ambient – but I have no idea what’s “normal.”

BTW, if it’s “too hot,” it will change the LED color and suspend itself.

I’ve had mine stationed an inch from the wall behind a plasma TV, which is hot, and never had an issue.  I use it for backup though, not constant streaming.

I should than assume that if a drive is about 5 to 7 degrees C wormer than the room temperature (when on blue light) everything is OK?

WD wants to replace the drive without asking too many questions. I am not sure if this is the right action and would like to hear more from the WD Community about how hot are their drives when on blue light.

Does anyone know about any available technical information on this?

Ok, I gotta ask.   

Why could it possibly matter?

Blue is a “normal” indication, as is “green.”

If the drive gets too hot, it’ll send an alert e-mail, it will put an alert on the UI dashboard, will put an alert on your PC Smartware dashboard (if you’re using it) and will change the LED to Blinking Yellow.

So, if it’s NOT doing that, why do you care what the temperature is?

I couldn’t possibly care less.   I don’t think I’ve even physically touched my MBL since the day I installed it two years ago!  :smileyvery-happy: