My book Live is connected to one computer but wont connect to 2nd computer

My book live has all the right lights… solid green light on front solid amber light on back and connects to my wifes computer however it will not connect to my computer.

I have even put the disk in to reconnect and it says it cant find it.

I Could see the drive in my list but wouldnt connect. So i right clicked and then clicked on disconnect to try to reconnect everything but now the drive isnt even listed in “my Computer”

I am about to throw it in the bin except it has ALOT of pics that i cant lose on it.


how do i reconnect back to it…as i say my wife still has access but i cant get on.


Hi, the my book and the computer must have the same workgroup name, by default the workgroup name is WORKGROUP. You can also use WDlink to find it on the network. Check the link below for the steps.