My Book Live / Iphoto 11 set up or speed issue?

hello all. 

I’ve had my My Book Live 2tb for a week or two now.  I’ve a few years of photos in libraries between 25 and 50 gb each. 

I’ve managed to copy one to the MBL, but it’s very slow. 

Furthermore, if I try and use that as my ‘current’ library, adding new images off my iPhone. It doesn’t work, and looses connection. 

My question then, is are any of you running your iPhoto libraries on the MBL, if not, what’s the point of having it as a ‘media server’ accesible by my three other macs.

Or is my problem a speed / technical issue?  I’ve upgraded the firmware to work with Lion. 

Many thanks

The media server that comes with the MBL is Twonky, not iPhoto. Try to stream with Twonky and see if it fares better.